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A photo camera is a useful and convenient mechanism created for specific purposes. Whether it is a SLR camera or your phone’s camera, they share a common purpose: to create aesthetically pleasing works of art, for the enjoyment of the photographer and the viewer. The process is as important as the result.

When the process is as important as the result, the art of photography provides a unique opportunity to expand the frame of understanding, not simply reproduce the reality.

We become Authors throughout the process, able to experiment and generate new ideas.

We all perceive the world differently. We are all authors from birth, with a desire to be unique.

At the same time our world is the world of lost simplicity ~ Umberto Eco. The simplicity cannot be reached as we are under constant pressure of the past, everything expressed before us, nowhere to escape. From one angle, the modern photographer has to utilize traditional means of the art form; from another, one still has to interact with the lightning-fast technology, constantly adapting to the situation at hand.

To express something new, something of our own is only possible by experimenting with new styles, ideas, and techniques. While also using our background, beliefs, knowledge, and viewpoint to express ourselves.

Elena Sorokina

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